Friday, April 3, 2009

Mata melihat mata memandang


mata melihat, mata memandang,

memandang mata melihat,

melihat memandang mata.

pa yng aq tulis ni, sebenaqny, ni jampi terang mata yang klasmet aq bg kat aq,yang diperturun oleh kawn dy kat dy.

sebenaqny, jampi ni for usha test paper owg ngan usha awek jauh melangit,

tp adakah aq gunakanny?? let see, ofcoz la no!, pasai aq x percaya benda ni, pasai kalo aq pakai ni pun aq kena pakai spek juga,

ni saja la mukadimah, 2 ari lps aq g wt spek baru aq, yang 2 nk abaq sebenaqnya, ttp hal sebenaqny, i got a new flash of my mind, wht my father told me, i started to see everything, i think all of this happen becoz of me.

why i blame it on my self, everyone taught that is just a phase, but not for me, i think that the world is static, to make it move we have to move faster than light, that why all this thing happen, becoz i does not try harder enough.

i seen people drug addict, alcoholic, criminal, raper, mob, gangster, & satan worshipper. All of this thing happen in my very eyes, i hope everyone that i known and people who known me, will never turn this monsters and never create a meyhem or a holocoust.

i hope someday i will become blind, becoz i can't bear to see and solve all this problem on my own, i hopefully there is someone for me that can help me rest in peace in this world before i met with the Almighty Allah.


Hope only, can't do enough, it need hard work to make it happen.
I oath to work hard to realize my dreams.....

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