Sunday, March 22, 2009

non off my business


As'kum,.... ari aq rasa bengap sekali, kerana ptg td aq kol 7 owg kengkwn aq, one common thing they asked me about is "awek ang camna?"
aq kehairanan apabila selama aq hidop 18 tahun 17 ari ni x pernah aq dicintai oleh owg len kecuali family aq dan Allah, xpenah aq menerima cinta dari perempuan len, mungkin aq ni bukan pilihan mereka not suit for them, i try giving my love but the only thing that i lost is my organ that is the heart because there always a girl who stole it.
I kept wondered why always the question been ask to me, all that i can answer is "aq mana ada awek, awek mana nak kat aq?" sometyme make me feel lost, alone,lonely and when flying feel like falling.
At this stage i still a lonely square root of three
Hope i will find someone better for me

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